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Is Jesus Calling?

I sure hope so!  I hope the Holy Spirit is doing a great work in your life, that has nothing to do with you (Eph 2:8-10).

I hope that you are seeking Him through HIS word and not mine.  I hope that you will take HIS words, HIS truths, and HIS love for everything HE has done for you.

But, is Jesus Calling like Sarah Young believes in her book?  I’m not sure.  I was given this book as a Christmas book one year from a loved one.  I loved the thought behind it and jumped in January 1st like a good little ‘start the year off right’ girl!  I love new starts.

But, after a few weeks, I just wasn’t sure.  I loved the beauty of the book, it was a teal, leather-bound book with beautiful details.  I loved the references to the verses at the bottom;  I read those first each day, as I had planned to use it as a guide to my own personal bible study.  But, there was just something off and I just couldn’t decide what it was.


So I set it aside and haven’t picked it up.  The problem was, when people mentioned it as a devotion, I cringed.  But again, I didn’t have words for why.  If someone were to ask my opinion (which they have not), I would have said something to that effect of “I just didn’t like some women putting words in my Jesus’ mouth.  They didn’t sound like the Jesus I studied in the gospels, or the Jesus revealed to me through the Holy Spirit.”

But I didn’t say anything, because I didn’t want to sound like a party pooper.  It was obvious with the many editions, the apps, the bestseller list, that I was alone in my thinking.  But man, the Holy Spirit still works.

Is Jesus Calling?

I was at a moms group from my homeschool group the other night and one mom asked which devotion the other moms were using with our kiddos.  I piped up (which I typically do in group settings, ahem, extrovert with opinions here), and said, “oh we are reading a passage from either the old or new testament each day and discussing.  We are reading Pilgrim’s Progress each day too and MAN the kids love that book.”

I got a lot of ‘that’s great, but not what I meant’ looks and then people dove in with their opinions.  And there were some great ones.  Ones I’ve read or heard referenced to with great esteem.  And then THAT ONE came up.  And many said they loved it.  And I kept my mouth shut again, because I just didn’t have the words and didn’t want to hurt feelings.  I am by no means more holy (believe me, conviction is rampant these days), more righteous, I just had this feeling.

But, God gives some people platforms for reasons we cannot know.  I have this small one here. But this lady, Anne Kennedy, hers is bigger.  And someone referenced this post today, just 3 days after my mom-night encounter and I just knew it had to be for me.  She puts into words what I just felt.

And since I kept quiet when maybe I should have said something, would you read this too?

Start here: her first post on the Jesus Calling book.

And then, definitely read here: her second post which really spoke to me.  

“Its not that God doesn’t want you to experience him. It’s not that he doesn’t love you and is making things harder than they need to be. It’s that you need to be content with who he actually is and the revelation of himself that he gives in his own scriptures. That’s one of the things that “bible believing” means. Not that you are a rule bound, legalistic meany, but that you satisfy yourself with God on his terms, the Bible, and not your own.”

Would love to hear YOUR opinion.  Maybe I’m wrong.  Maybe I’m missing the point.  But would love to hear your opinions after your read her articles.  Also, to mention her point on, who actually looks up the two verses at the bottom of Sarah’s words, did you click on the Ephesians 2 reference above?  I left the whole chapter so we could read it in context.

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Oils for Health

I have been a somewhat closet (online) essential oils user for 2 years now.  Not so much if you came to my house, because I have a bag of oils hanging on my island and a diffuser typically going in my house.

It started as an inexpensive way to bring health to my home.  I typically don’t rush to the doctor if one of my kids is sick.  I see what it is, if they’ve had it before, if it’s a virus vs. fungus vs. bacterial in nature, etc.  I have lots of ‘hippy’ friends as I lovingly refer to them (and many who call me hippy as well).  One has a health degree and one was an ER physician’s assistant.  I listened to their opinions and read a few books and then when my kid had a cough, I borrowed some oils and dove in.

We still occasionally go to the doctor, but with the use of essential oils, we are able to treat many minor things at home.  I took a boat load of oils to Uganda last fall.  We used the Protective Blend every morning and night on our feet and I believe it definitely helped keep some of the sickies that go with international travel away.

When we did have a bout of a digestive issue, we put a diluted drop of the Digestive Blend on our tummy and it helped immensely.  I used a mix to help Judah sleep the first few nights as he was in trauma mode.  I still use that today on myself occasionally!

I have horrible allergies and asthma and the diesel fuel and open windows (and lots of traffic) always made them worse while driving around.  I kept a roller bottle of lemon, lavender and peppermint oils mixed with coconut oil at the ready to roll on my neck and feet and a bottle of the diluted breathe blend to roll on my chest when either of those bothered me.  They stayed in my purse.

During our last 2 weeks in country we lived right near the Kirabo Seeds orphanage and was there almost daily.  I definitely saw the need for oils with the kids.  Those sweet children come down with malaria often, have sore backs, deep coughs and sometimes open wounds from mishaps, falls, and kitchen accidents.

When I was packing to leave I left many bottles of my oils with Phiona and showed her a website she could go to, to look up a symptom and see which oil would be best to use.

phiona and misty - she does the accounting in uganda for the orphanage and pours her heart into the children.

I love this woman dearly!


Two weeks ago we were messaging on Viber and she said one of the younger girls had a cough.  I asked her if she had any of the breathe blend left, she said no.  I asked her if she had any of the protective blend left, YES she said.

She messaged me a few days later and said the very next day they were able to go back to school.  The cough was gone.  She is running very low and she hoped maybe we could send more.

As I mentioned in this post, my friend Mary Beth Cameron and her family are moving to Uganda in about 2 short weeks to become missionaries!  She has graciously offered to take some oils with her to help the kids over there.

This is where you come in!  Will you help me raise the funds to purchase them a kit?  familyphysician kit with essential oils

For $125 we can purchase them a family physicians kit, but those 5mL bottles will go fast with 17 children and many staff (and now a missionary family).

home essentials essential oils kit for Ugandan orphans

So for $275 we can purchase a home essentials kit, that comes with 10 of the most used oils in a larger bottle and a diffuser for the home!  I’d love to also send them with a Deep Blue Rub.  This helps with sore muscles.

deep blue oil rub, help us secure oils for an orphanage in Uganda.

I know Robert, one of my friends who is a staff there, used mine often on his back.  He has had back pain for awhile and the doctors can’t figure it out.  He is a fit, loving 29 year old who shares the love of Christ and cares deeply for these kiddos.  We want him, and all the staff, to feel their best; this is grueling work.

robert & eric.  Robert is the best 'uncle' these kiddos could as for.  He leads them physically as well as spiritually!

Eric & Robert



julie and misty - julie cooks for the kids at the Kirabo Seeds orphanage

Misty & Julie

kiah  and misty - kirah tutors the children at the Kirabo Seeds orphanage

Kiah & Misty – she tutors these kids every day after school and leads devotions each night!

If you’d like to help, please email me at worthyofourcalling {at} gmail dot com.  You can give me cash to purchase the kits via paypal or a personal check if you’re local.  We need to do this quickly!  We need time to order and get to Mary Beth to pack before 9/6!  So, please share with your friends.

Every dollar donated will be used to pay for the kit and shipping.  I am making no money off of this and will use my wholesale account discount to purchase the kit.  If you already know you want to give, just ‘send money’ through paypal to newsomes4adoption@gmail.com.  Let’s fund some health for these kiddos!

**Updated** – We’ve raised $65 so far today! :)  Thank you, keep sharing!!!

Auntie Julie, Angela, and Peter prepping Sunday lunch.

Auntie Julie, Angela, and Peter prepping Sunday lunch.

Make Over Your Mornings – Last SALE of the Year!

I blogged earlier this summer about how I needed to make over my mornings after we moved.

I was about to blog about how I’ve failed.

But this time I’m not.

You see, I haven’t watched all 14 videos yet.  BUT, I have committed to things I learned in the first few days that I have watched, and they’ve changed my mornings!  One of the things she talks about, I think in day 2, is how your morning really starts the night before.  And can I just get an AMEN!

If I go to bed with dirty dishes and piles of laundry waiting for me in the morning, not only does it make me feel behind for our homeschool day, but it affects my mood.

If I go to bed however, with a clean kitchen/counter, a plan for breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner, and a written out homeschool plan for each student (I use Sarah MacKenzie’s notebook idea) our day is smoother.  When I quit hitting snooze and get up and drink my spark and read God’s Word (right now I’m very behind in the She Reads Truth Old Testament women (I purchased the devotion in the app) but I am LOVING it and it’s hitting me right where I need it!) I am ready for the chaos that is our family once all 4 kids are up and running.

And I have plans to continue.  To finish the course in my time.  I have been busy and, actually, very intentional about taking my rest.  We had a majorly hectic August with school starting, a trip to Vegas with my husband’s family, and coming home to my bi-annual consignment sale that two friends and I run!  Now the finishing up of that event starts (mailing checks, checking things off) while we’re still schooling and really getting deep into our fall schedule.

I have written a course for pre-teens called Money Management and Financial Principles for our co-op and I am so happy to be working on an ebook version of it to come out next spring!

So, making over my mornings is a longer than 14-day process.  BUT, yours doesn’t have to be!  Today only, 8/25, the course is only $10!  It is the lowest price it will be for the rest of the year.  And, on my daughter’s 5th birthday no less :).  So give your little bit the gift of time like this course has started to give mine!

It is only a 24 hour sale, so be sure to jump on this offer!  And email me at worthyofourcalling {at} gmail dot com if you have any questions I can answer.  I have personally met Crystal Paine and heard her speak at the THSC homeschool convention and she’s the real deal.  Misty and Crystal Paine from Money Saving Mom, who helped me Make Over my Mornings!

She and I have similar passions –  “to challenge women to wisely manage time & resources & live life on purpose” (from her Twitter profile).  Yes! To show women how to grow and use their gifts to bless their family, their community and their world.  Won’t you join us?


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Homeschooling Resources – Part 3

Just found us?  Read this series part 1 and part 2.

Welcome to Worthy of Our Calling!  I am a homeschooling mama to 4 littles, ages 3, 4 (will be 5 next week!), 6 (turning 7 in October) and 9.  You can read about our family studies and individual studies this year too.  We are in our 5th year of homeschooling and I felt now is a great time, as many are in the back to school rush, to post some of our favorite products and resources.

Homeschooling resources series


For today I’m going to step aside some of the ‘main subjects’ and talk about some extras that we have enjoyed over the years.

We like the arts in this house.  My kids enjoy singing, dancing, ‘crafting’ – as my daughter puts it, handicrafts, learning new things (finger crochet, sewing on buttons, rainbow loom, weaving, cross stitching), you name it!

Some of our favorite products for these types of arts are:

Primsacolor soft core colored pencils

These ergonomic gripped crochet hook gripper – fits most sizes of hooks.  Our friend in Uganda taught C how to crochet and she enjoyed using her ergo hooks!

ANYTHING by Miller Pads and Paper!  Here are some of our favorites:


Prang crayons – if you can believe me, they’re better than crayola!

General’s Charcoal Pencil Kit - I bought some for my 9 year old to use this year in sketching. My 6 year old is just as good and will probably get to use them too!

I’m starting my 9 year old on water colors this year too.  I purchased her a pad of this watercolor paper, these paints and a few brushes.  We haven’t started yet though, besides using the paper for something else, but it is thick and good quality.

For nature study drawing/recording this year, I got the little two 6×9 sketch pads and the big two got 9×12 sketch pads.  I also purchased a blank one to make our book of centuries, which my husband decorated so cool!  Will post pic of that soon!

This Scotch Laminator!  I’ve had it for years and use it for so much!

There are some I’ve had my eye on forever, the super powerful pencil sharpener, a better 3 hole punch as mine is breaking left and right, some fancier pens.  But they are mostly all wants, not needs. :)  It’s nice to provide some of the wants sometimes, but within reason and budget!  Stick around for part 4 soon!

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Favorite Science Resources

This is the second post in our Homeschooling Resources series – Part 2!  Miss Part 1?  You can click here for the first post and here for the third post.

Homeschooling resources series

Now, how about science?  We are big nature students here.  My kids love animals, as you can tell by their faces in this picture when we caught a tarantula in our pool :).

Tarantula, farm, pool

The kids were not impressed….originally

Just kidding; however, keeping it for a few weeks helped them not be so scared of it.  They fed it crickets and baby frogs and just today C, my oldest, found a smaller one and caught it all by herself!  We have taught them safety and to value the awesome creation that our Lord provided.

snakeskin, nature study

We found two of these snakeskins in our barn!

We also found two snake skins in our barn this week after we just didn’t get out there much last week.  Living out in a rural area has helped us grow a healthy appreciation for nature and to check our surroundings!

snake2We found the above snake on our walk through the day we purchased our property, on the rafters in the barn!

So, we ascribe to the Charlotte Mason theory of get outside and experience, study and fall in love with Nature.  We read the Thornton Burgess animal books about 2-3 times a week and then take an afternoon each week for outdoor nature study.  This year we are finishing up his Bird Book (we didn’t buy this, but are borrowing this same vintage copy from a friend) and reading his Animal Stories.

We studied astronomy 2 years ago with Apologia and the kids really enjoyed it when the oldest was in 1st grade.  I’ve recently learned of an online course about astronomy geared towards 6th-9th graders.  Its a new 35 week course that ‘meets’ from September – May.  It’s $97 for one student and then there are discounts for multiple students.  You can enter your email and watch the first two lessons for FREE as well, to see if its ill be a good fit for your family.

It includes a 20 minute video each week, with outside observations of 15-30 minutes, plus quizzes, and other goodies!

Experience Astronomy


There is a great FAQ page that can be found here!  What’s great?  This isn’t just for homeschoolers!  It can be taken by anyone, and with only a 20-45 minute commitment a week, even us adults can take the time and learn a thing or two – becoming lifelong learners.

Trisha and Luke, the writers of the curriculum, have offered our readers a $10 off coupon code, but it’s only good for one week starting today.  Enter WorthyCalling in the box for $10 off!  Be sure to think fast on this deal!  Registration for 2015-2016 ends August 31st!

Posts may contain affiliate links. If you purchase a product through an affiliate link, your cost will be the same but Worthy of Our Calling will automatically receive a small commission. Your support is greatly appreciated and helps us spread our message!

I just received an email that starting Tuesday 8/18, all items in their online store are 25% off.  They do not just have great homeschooling books, but ebooks on Weeding out the Wheat and other healthy living titles, as well as faith titles, such as the Heart of Humility!  The sale is 8/18 – 8/22 and you can get 25% off with code B2School at checkout!
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