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Joy Unthinkable!

Today we hosted another family to swim and hang during the hot hours of the midday.  They were here from around 10-12:30 and I thanked her profusely for driving all that way (we are about 45 minutes from our old home) just to hang.  She thanked me for inviting her.  I love this lady and her passion for seeking Christ and as we were chatting it came out of my mouth without my even thinking about it.  “I love feeling like this is a ministry hosting people out here, providing what they need, snacks, pool supplies, refreshments, and leisurely time to just sit and chat.”  It’s refreshing.  This was the 3rd day in a row we had ‘friends over to swim,’ as I told the kids.  Some people stay all day, and we love it!  Some come for a few hours and we love that too!

My friend who came yesterday texted and said, “Thank again, it was such a relaxing afternoon.”  I agreed, it is nice to be in your sweet spot.  And that’s where I feel like we are right now.

Summer, Pool time, Fruit and Fun

Love these little, shirtless boys (and fully clothed girls) of summer!

I have so many reasons to have joy!  My second born, M, recognized his own sin, big broken cries of grief over it, and recognized his need for Jesus.  He asked Him to be Lord of his life on Monday night and we have been rejoicing ever since.  I will have a more detailed account of this soon, but it was such a blessing to be a part of.  One of the major joys in parenting for sure!

I guess I’ve been on a high from that.  Today, after my friend left, and we were stuck home with no car (we had a car, but the keys to it were at work with hubby!), as J napped, I sat down to do some computer work. I’m the treasurer for our homeschool co-op, as well as our family, so I needed to get ready for the fall.  I had declared a no screens day, so the big two had pulled a game out and were quietly playing in the school room.  Lest you think this is typical, it is not :).

Little A came to me and said, “I don’t have anyone to play with, will you play with me??”  This daughter is my best play-by-herself-imagination-for-days girl and she rarely asks for me to play.  I told her to let me finish my thought and then I would.  She bounced back to her room and brought back the tea set and all sorts of things.  She loves playing mommy/baby still and I love not being the mommy :).  Role play and habit training at it’s finest.  Today I was ‘sick’ and she had to care for me, by (basically throwing on my face) feeding me, you guessed it, cranberry soup (ha!).

Then the game broke up and my oldest went back to crafting and my second born snuck the home phone to the back and called my cell phone.  He and A, my little mommy, then proceeded to chat about my condition and how their days were going for 5 minutes.  They thought it was just hilarious!!

We had fun just being silly together.  I shared I had 5 more minutes left before I needed to get back to work and we dove right back into her story line.

When my hubby got home, he took over and I shut my door and got to work.  I forgot to mention that about 3:00 this afternoon I was on the phone with a friend and I heard a loud noise.  I asked my kids where it was coming from and they said the AC unit!  I turned the air up to give it a break.  When hubby got home, it had jumped from 74 to 83!  By then it was 4:55 and the AC place is closed (and their number was consistently busy).  He got to worrying about it while I sat under the fan working on the computer.

When he came in a little flustered, I was able to remind that because we were obedient to sell, we have a fully funded emergency fund.  This too shall pass, we will just call in the morning.  We lived in Uganda for 3 months without AC, I think we can do 1 night here.

We told the kids they could eat and then swim until bed time, to keep them cool.  When I was at a good stopping point, I decided to jump in the pool fully clothed and just enjoy the evening!  The kids thought I was so cool, and I was :).  Daddy ended up changing into his bathing suit, so we kept them up for an hour passed their bedtime and just swim and played.

Sons, growing up, days on quickly

Reach high little man

There are no cute pictures from the day, though I did snap this one when he was getting water for the dog.  I was remembering when he couldn’t reach the water handle and C, my oldest, ‘always had to do it.’  The days are long but the years are short is proving true and I want to remember the good.  The details.  The kisses.  The love.  The JOY!

When We Are Silly

Today we hosted our homeschool group for swimming and summer fun.  But last night before bed I made the mistake of showing my 9 year old a cute video of two guinea pigs swimming in a pool. It’s all she could talk about from sun up, “Can we try it, can we try it?”

We have a love hate relationship with these piggies.  They are cute.  They have taught her MUCH responsibility.  We have had many life lessons come from caring for them.  We research best prices for Timothy Hay. We don’t take Petco’s price of $12 for 48 ounces.  Today we found a local feed store that sold us a compressed hay bale that’s between 50-80 pounds for $15.95!  Talk about thrift shopping and a better product!  We are also researching better bedding, which veggies they like, and how to cut those super long nails! She has had to make tough choices of who can watch them when we go out of town (and I, of course, participate in this with her).

It’s been many lessons along the way for our daughter (and all our kids really, they love the piggies!) and we are happy to teach these throughout our days.  This is a part of homeschooling that I love.  Having more time with my kiddos to teach every day stuff.  We use a Charlotte Mason approach to our schooling and these kids are thriving.  We switched to Ambleside Online last year when we knew we’d be going to Africa for an extended period of time.  It was easy to bring the Math curriculum and load up the iPad with TONS of living books. We didn’t have to carry suitcases of curriculum across the ocean and we learned so much still.

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Prime Day Deals

Here are a few deals I’ve seen today for Amazon’s Prime Day.  I’ll add a couple as I have time.

As I posted here, we bought a Kindle Fire HD7 a few months ago and LOVE it.  The kids use it on long road trips and I enjoy reading on it, as it’s lighter than my iPad.  Today it’s down from $139 to $79!
Kindle Fire

This crazy new Amazon Echo is on sale for $50 off today only.  I’ve watched videos on what it does and it looks altogether creepy and cool!  I wish I could talk and someone would listen the first time, every time, like that ;-)

Amazon Echo


Invicta Men’s 80057 Pro Diver Analog Display Swiss Quartz Silver Watch is 92% off!  Down from $895 to $89.99!  It seems to have good reviews, if only a few, and 92% off is amazing, though I’d never pay $900 for a watch :) Continue reading

And the WINNER is….

Commenter #8, Liz Roberson!!!  (don’t count my comments!) :)

Random.org Winner Selected

Congrats Liz for entering to win our Beauty + Balance Giveaway for the Fair Trade Friday Club earrings!  They are beautiful and we hope you enjoy them!

And since I know her in real life and want to encourage (not embarrass) her, check out her website and beautiful voice!

Prime Day!

Well, tomorrow is supposed to be Prime Day!  If you asked my 6 year old what that sounded like, he’d refer to Optimus, not Amazon :).

Amazon Prime Day

But, from what I’ve read Amazon is going to be full force with the deals tomorrow, ‘better than black Friday.’  I’m torn on promoting it, because I haven’t seen what deals they will have, and I’m sure it’s going to be fast and furious (and I have important away-from-the-computer things to do tomorrow like take my riding mower into town to get fixed).  But more so, I’m a small business owner (3 businesses, actually – Advocare, Tot 2 Tot and this blog) and I know what it’s like when people support my business and ‘shop local.’

However, I can’t deny that my family benefits from being Prime Members.  I signed up a few years ago with a 30 day trial (Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial) right before Christmas, and I loved it so much I pay for it yearly now.  We order everything from Guinea Pig bedding and food, to  printer ink, to early Christmas gifts (or birthday, or baby), to curriculum,  to books, books, books, and books!  Did I mention we homeschool?? :-)

So, I wanted to share a quick little tidbit for my friends and family and blog-readers who aren’t affiliate marketers, or don’t know how this might work.  This blog costs a little money to run.  Amazon pays people to drive sales to their website, whether it’s me or a massive blogger that everyone reads, or just their own amazon brand name.  So, even if you order a free book from my website, it can help (it drives up #s of orders, even if $0.00 which can increase my referral rate on people who do order).  OR, if you need to purchase something and come to my blog first and click on any of my amazon links, and then search from what you already know you want to buy, that can help too!

So in an effort to make a BIG Prime Day also support small business, we ask that you shop ‘through’ us!  All the links on this post are amazon links to things I’ve actually purchased in the past 6 months (except the Ergo, I just love it, I got mine on Craigslist a couple years ago!) (Oh, and the Optimus, just searched that real quick, lol).  I will post a few deals I find as I see them and have time tomorrow, but if you don’t already follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest, go ‘follow’ or ‘like’ us there; they are so much easier to post quickly too.  I know already this eBook, Quit Your Job in Six Months is free already and will be through tomorrow!

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