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Making Over My Mornings

Oh how I have been struggling with this for a few weeks.  I had gotten into a good routine of waking early, having a great quiet time and setting goals for the day, including meal planning.  Then, around mid-April we put school on hold to put our house on the market.  We schooled all year last year, knowing Uganda was coming, but that was easy to school through.  This?  This season of home repair, full days of showings, going to see new homes, mixed in with swim team season, wasn’t though!  So, we know we will start back up at the end of June, but for now, we are having an early ‘summer.’  And it has MESSED ME UP!


I have felt the Lord calling me to get up at 5 am daily for writing, quiet time and exercise, for awhile.  I even told my writing group I’m a part of this same thought last month.  But I still just can’t get it done.  Short term, one or two days at a time, but it doesn’t stick.  I have literally been telling myself, ‘after this move, I’m going to make over my mornings.’

You can’t even know how excited I was to see this new e-course being advertised by one of my favorite mom/homeschool/business bloggers!  This is already live, but on Tuesday it will be on sale and I WILL Be getting up at 5 am to get the $5 price.

Here is the sale schedule:

The Crazy-Can’t-Miss-Low-Low-Low Launch Sale Prices:


What’s best about this deal?  She is supporting a great cause!

25% Of All Sales on Tuesday Go to South Africa

From Crystal: “You all know that when I visited South Africa in January, I left part of my heart there. But I also came back so stoked because I realized that we could use opportunities like this Make Over Your Mornings course launch to make a huge impact in the poorest communities there.

So here’s the deal: the greatest needs right now are for a two-classroom facility and two Enviro-Loo toilets at the Reagoboka Centre (read more about our visit there here). The cost of both of these combined is $14,000.

On Tuesday (June 2, 2015), when we launch this course and offer a crazy, once-in-a-lifetime deal, we will be donating 25% of ALL direct purchases from our site to the the ministry in South Africa.

And since I’m a big, big dreamer, I am praying that on Tuesday, with the sales through our site, we’ll raise $14,000 for South Africa. Will you join me in praying for this?”

I love her heart and cannot wait to Make Over My Mornings!

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Our Journey From Suburbia to Homestead

Thirteen was a big age in my family.  I was the oldest, so I got there first and when you turned thirteen, you got to mow the grass.  Doesn’t sound like fun to you?  Well that’s because you didn’t live with us.  We had a riding lawn mower and a full acre.  I was envisioning me wearing my bathing suit, getting a great tan and listening to my walkman (this was the 90s, OK!).  Plus, I got to practice driving.  And since I lived out in the country, I had already been practicing on back roads with my step-dad for awhile!

I think it was my very first time out, after all the safety lessons, that I literally drove over a towel.  Not sure if that’s my fault for jamming out too hard, or my parents fault that the grass was so high I didn’t see a TOWEL!  Needless to say, after wrecking the blades, I got OFF of mowing duty about as fast as I got on it.  Eventually I talked my way back in (yes, I asked to do it, FOR FREE) and had a nice history of mowing our acre growing up.

I had parents that let me do lots of things.  I raised chickens in 5th grade with 4-H when we lived in a duplex.  My step-dad built me a huge chicken coop that took up most of the back yard of our tiny lot.  My mom always made me do it all.  Wake up at 5 am to fluff the sawdust, feed and check water levels.  Others had their animals in an ag barn and had other people do most of the work.  My mom always said if I were raising chickens that I would do it, not someone else.  I learned a lot of responsibility and care during that year.  I may not have loved every part of it at the time, but I look back with extremely fond memories.  I have always wanted that for my children, the freedom to raise an animal and roam our land.

Fast forward 20 years.  My husband, a claimed city boy raised in the suburbs, and I had been married about 9 years and were living in the burbs.  We had done the build a big house thing.  We had done the sale everything we own to downsize and to raise a family thing.  We moved into our current home in 2007 with one child that was 1 year old.  We told ourself we’d move before she started kindergarten.

Our home of 7 years we are leaving.

Our home of 7 years we are leaving.


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What a Difference $.54 can make

My kids are rock stars.  And I definitely forget to tell them that often enough.  Today is a Monday.  Usually filled with school work, cleaning up from the weekend and maybe a grocery trip.  Today however, I woke up to a semi-cleaned home.  I have enough food for today!  I realized it’s almost summer and my children have had to put up with a lot over the past month from getting our home ready to show, 2 full days of showings and not being able to come home, driving and looking at new homes, daddy working every Saturday and extra rehearsals/practices/swim team all starting.  So I declared today a mental health day.

About that time I got a text from Redbox for a free movie.  We haven’t seen Paddington.  It was available!  I held the Blu-Ray (only because our player is finicky and sometimes normal red box don’t play in it) and for $.54 I changed my kids day!  I said, “We’re going to run an errand.  We need to drop off a check, pick up a movie and go to the dollar tree for a few cheap boxes of candy for our MOVIE DAY!”

We made a quick slo-mo movie on my phone and they have had almost as much fun watching it over and over :).   Cheers to your Monday friends!

A Letter to My Son’s First Mom – When Adoption Both Grieves and Gives

Dear A,

I am writing this letter while our son is tucked into this bed, sleeping away the day we had.  And it was a good day today with lots of tickles and giggles and less fits.  Today, you see, it finally hit me how sad tomorrow can be.

I am blessed with an amazing mom and mom-in-law.  And I love them both dearly, but I didn’t meet one of them until I was 19 and it took me a few years to feel as comfortable with her as I do now.  This little boy, this boy of both yours and mine, has in his 3 years called 3 people mama: you, me and the orphanage director.

A letter to my son's first mom

I think back to 4 years ago when you might have just been learning that he was growing in your womb.  You would just be learning that this little person needed you, and you chose life, and for that, our family will forever be grateful to you.  I consider how you weren’t that much younger than me when I had Cara.  I’m sad that I’ll never know how that first flutter felt or how you felt when you found out.  I will never get to tell you on this side of heaven how much our boy cares for you and how we choose to talk about you and honor you in our home.  Because if it hadn’t been for your choice, we wouldn’t have this son we love.

I grieve when I think of what you had to go through.  How hard your life must have been.  How scary it must have been to move to a new country and not know the language.  I grieve because we live in this fallen world and you got sick and we get to raise Judah.  Would you have liked that name?  We kept Mugisha, our favorite name given by you, A, meaning blessing in your native tongue.  And when we say that name and anything associated with you, he just smiles so big.  I grieve that you won’t know that smile as it grows.

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Childlike Faith

So this morning, one of the last Saturday’s my hubby has to work this school year, I woke up after finally having a good nights sleep for the first time all week.  I gave my hubby a hug before he left and my oldest was already up.  I told her I needed a shower before the little 3 woke up so I was going to let her watch a show: Wild Kratts. She followed me to the bathroom and we chatted for a few minutes and I asked her to go to the garage to get a new bag of toilet paper.

She was coming in and I scared her and we had a good little chat and giggle.  She went back to the garage to put some up because she brought three bags in, instead of one.  I was putting the new bag in the linen closet and I heard this awful scream!  She ran to the bathroom; she had closed her finger in the door :(.  We cleaned it up and the little three woke up and we put a cold pack on it.  I grabbed a shower while they all watched a show; I fixed breakfast and got basketball uniforms ready and she came to me and said it still really hurt.  We re-bandaged it and as we were cleaning it up again and I was making plans to take her to Urgent Care, she told me this.

“Momma, after this happened, I prayed.”

I asked her what she prayed.

“I prayed that God would take the pain away and that it would heal fast.”

And just like that, even in her pain, she turned to the Lord and my heart swelled.  How many times do I forget to say the simple prayers?  How many times do I feel like a failure for missed opportunities and sin in my own life?  When I yell and feel convicted.  When we experience joy and I forget to give thanks to God from whom all blessings flow.

And on this Saturday when we have basketball games and possible Urgent Care visits and a daddy who is working, again, we can still find a place and room to give thanks to the Lord.

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