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Worthy Weekend (W)Reads – Week 2

Worthy Weekend Wreads (1)

Welcome to the second edition of Worthy Weekend (W)Reads (sorry I need the alliteration)!  I’m sure you, like me, enjoy reading a good blog post.  This will be my collection of worthy reads that I’ve enjoyed throughout the week in a variety of platforms.  I typically have shared these on our WOOC Facebook Page (check us out there), however with the Facebook rules only small percentages of our followers actually see our posts. Will you comment with the post you read this week that meant to most to you?  I love to read other’s writing!

Worthy Parenting/Adoption Reads:

Grace, Grit and Wit: To the Siblings of Adopted Children: I adore this perspective.  Our adoption wasn’t entered into without many times on our knees, praying for our bio children and how it might affect them.  God is able!

Kari Kampakis: Raising a Kind Daughter: I enjoyed these tips on how to raise a kind daughter.  Sometimes, even as young as 7 or 8, we can feel the ‘tweenness’ coming and we don’t know how to stop it.  This kindness post hits the nail on the head.

Worthy Holiday Celebration Reads:

Truth in the Tinsel: If you have preschool/young elementary aged children, this precious #Advent book is worth the $7.99 price tag.  Your children will remember the ornaments and truths for years to come.

eighteen25: BE Thankful Utensil Holders: I love easy peasy, free downloadable things that can make our holiday table a little more kid friendly.  I enjoy my children doing our decorations, I know it won’t always be this way and they are so beautifully creative these days.

4tunate: Andes Mint Brownies: Mint and chocolate is one of my go-to favorite flavors during the holidays.  I love this super easy recipe.

Worthy Giveaways: 

Baby Be Blessed $65 Gift Voucher: We love when  family businesses bless us small blogs with great giveaways!  When we contact the big companies, we usually aren’t big enough to garner their attention.  But these small family business are some of our favorite to support!

Worthy Inspiration:

The Better Mom: When I Forgot to Ask:  This post served as a great reminder of how much we need God’s help and how our days can go when we simply forget to ask.  We experienced that this week, let us always remember to ask!

Worthy Blog Building:

Focused Blogging: 5 Strategies to Advance your SEO now:  We have been blogging for 9 years, but it was mostly just fun, family updates.  We are still learning and still don’t know much, it seems.  But this was an easy way to learn!  And now I need to look up more terms because some of it was greek to me!

Money Saving Mom: How to Balance Motherhood & Blogging:  This is a great piece, for not just bloggers, but anyone that has a passion that sometimes makes you feel guilty about your parenting as well.  Loved it Crystal!

Baby Be Blessed Giveaway

tonight (5)

A ‘home grown’ business that we love here in the US is Baby Be Blessed Dolls! As I mentioned in our Girls Giving Guide post,  we believe in these precious dolls.  A friend turned me onto them over 4 years ago and my 8 year old still sleeps with hers at home in her bed (sadly, it didn’t make the trip to Uganda, so I can’t post a current pic, luggage was tight!).

These dolls have God’s word sewn onto their bodies.  If you wait and do a custom doll next year, you can pick the scripture out specifically for your child, which is what we did for Cara.

4th birthday fun!

4th birthday fun!

Our Giveaway this week is for a $65 BbB Gift Voucher.  That is just enough to hopefully grab one of these beautiful completed dolls for yourself or a special little girl in your life (if there is one you like left by next Friday), otherwise it can be spent on some finished items or held until their custom carts open back up for 2015. Anyway you look at it…it’s $65 FOR ONE OF YOU!!

IMG_0059IMG_9873 IMG_9903

We adore supporting mom-run businesses and would love your help getting the word out for our giveaway.  Enter below!  The winner will be chosen next Friday!  Hit our share buttons below too!

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Posts may contain affiliate links. If you purchase a product through an affiliate link, your cost will be the same but Worthy of Our Calling will automatically receive a small commission. Your support is greatly appreciated and helps us spread our message!

Advocare’s Holiday Products


We love these things!  Gingerbread didn’t sound yummy to me last year, but then I tried one and it wasn’t something I could live without ;-).  We ordered 3 boxes and that wasn’t enough.  In mid-march we found a semi-crushed one in the bottom of an old purse and we had to very evenly split it up.  I even gave a box to my step-sister last year for Christmas because she loved them so.

This product is/has:

  • High in 20 vitamins and minerals
  • 11 grams of protein
  • 170 calories
  • 3g of fiber

It tastes great, and we have 10 boxes waiting for us at home, just in time for the holiday season.  My favorite way to enjoy it is 7 seconds in the microwave after a good work out, or when you need some protein in the mid-afternoon.  It’s just slightly melted and it tastes more like a cheat than a high-quality snack!


This product just launched yesterday!  Who doesn’t love WHITE CHOCOLATE and PEPPERMINT!!  I know I do!  I have ordered my box and can’t wait to try it when we get home.




This Holiday Product is also only available for a short time.  It has:

  • Only 200 calories
  • Balanced meal for optimal nutrition and weight management
  • 22 grams of easy-to-digest protein
  • 50% of the Daily Value of calcium
  • 26 vitamins and minerals

These shakes are such a great way to either 1) supplement your nutrition goals with an  easily digestible 200 calories of great protein! and 2) have a fully balanced, quick and easy, portion controlled meal if you are trying to trim down.

We love #Advocare, their commitment to quality, participation in Informed Choice, the Council for Responsible Nutrition, their Sci/Med board and the amazing leadership training they give their distributors.  The 24 day challenge is what Eric and I got started on over 2.5 years ago that helped us, along with good nutrition and exercise, to lose 75 pounds total (50 for Eric, 25 for me).

If you want to learn more, email us at worthyofourcalling AT gmail dot com

Details from our website:

Posts may contain affiliate links. If you purchase a product through an affiliate link, your cost will be the same but Worthy of Our Calling will automatically receive a small commission. Your support is greatly appreciated and helps us spread our message!  Eric & I are Independent Advocare Distributors.

Amazon.com: 4 different Polka Dot Scarves for $2.59 shipped!


This Navy Blue Beige Polka Dot Scarf  and a few others are all $2.59 on Amazon right now, SHIPPED!  I grabbed one for me and one for a couple beautiful ladies in my life that have helped so much during our adoption!  Can you think of anyone that might need one of these?

61A2wIJCPvL._SL1010_ 61twUpEVSuL._SL1010_ 61z5e05qy9L._SL1010_ Continue reading

Truth in the Tinsel – An Advent Guide

We heard about Truth in the Tinsel last year.  I promptly purchased it, it looked like something easy that my crafty kids would love to do.  But you know what?  We never got around to it.  I suffer from, “I want to do 4 great advents instead of focusing on one good one.” What do you think happened?  None got done well and I was burned out by the 10th.



This year, we are awaiting and praying we are home by 12/1.

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